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IN THE NEWS: How Alexis Kennedy Helped Cultist Simulator

With upcoming work on two major titles finally almost ready to begin, Alexis Kennedy only had a matter of months to bring Cultist Simulator to fruition. He also quickly discovered that as he worked to bring the game to life, his own life was well on its way to imitating art. Kennedy was building a game in which players need to earn Funds cards, which you earn by completing Work, as your supply of Reason and Health cards are dwindled by Time. Almost everyone who plays the game quickly runs out of Health cards on their first attempt to play the game, which reinforces the importance of Work in this loop. This was not unlike what happens in Sunless Sea, a previous game he had worked on, in which players travel across an ocean in a fragile ship, struggling to make sense of uncharted terrain with an extremely limited amount of resources.


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